Geothermal Services

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Geothermal energy is the only renewable source of clean energy that is always available. Regardless of weather conditions day or night. A source of constant and predictable “free” energy, that will last for billions of years.


We understand that nearly half of your geothermal project is well cost.

The shorter the drilling cycle, the quicker your well is online.  GeoGuidance provides you with the tools, personnel and equipment you need, along with the lowest service interrupt records in the industry; a result of our relentless focus on quality control. 

Challenging Conditions Demand Innovation

Geothermal wells have unique challenges. You need an experienced team to deliver on time. For years we’ve fought obstacles like high temperature, lost circulation, and high vibration and we’ve developed specialized tools and drilling processes to overcome them.


Uniquely located near the largest geothermal drilling operations in the US has allowed GeoGuidance to establish itself as the market leader in the international geothermal industry. From California, Nevada, Utah, Caribbean Islands, and Nicaragua. To say it simply, we have the most experience in geothermal directional drilling.


Directional Drilling

You pour all your resources into a drilling project. We provide the experienced personnel and the reliable tools you need to execute your project with the greatest success.

Well Planning

You are not alone. Our engineering & management teams are in the game with you early. We'll help you avoid pitfalls and get the highest ROI for your project.

Geothermal Tools

HOT-HOLE Drilling Motors

Geothermal specific tools get the job done and minimize service interrupts. These high-performance tools deliver some of the best Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) in the industry.


Geothermal drilling brings unique challenges with DownHole tools. These opportunities don't need to slow down your operations. Proven solutions to capture all the data you need and deliver it faster and with the greatest reliability.