It's Time to raise your expectations

We understand what’s on the line. So much time and treasure has been spent to get a rig on location and ready to Spud. 

GeoGuidance provides the personnel, tools and equipment you can count on. Innovation and the best service records in the industry are attributed directly to our persevering focus on quality control.

Directional Drilling

You pour all your resources into a drilling project. We provide the experienced personnel and the reliable tools you need to execute your project with the greatest success.

Well Planning

You are not alone. Our engineering & management teams are in the game with you early. We'll help you avoid pitfalls and get the highest ROI for your project.

Drilling Optimization

NPT and Flat Time destroy your bottom-line. Through meticulous planning & precise execution our team of Optimization Specialists deliver a step change in Continuous Improvement.

Real-Time Operations

You should never have to ask, "Whats happening at the rig?" We're connected and alert 24/7 to keep you informed so you can make the best decisions.

Mud Motors & RSS

We agree with you, Down-Hole tools should get the job done and not cause service interrupts. These high-performance tools deliver with some of the best Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) in the industry. ​


The Digital Oil Field is here but it doesn't have to slow down your operations. All the data you need, delivered faster and with the greatest reliability in the Oil Field.

Why GeoGuidance?

We listen to you because you matter to us. We’re large enough for any project but small enough to make a difference… our owners interact on a personal level handling many of the operational details.  

What You Get

Our people are our greatest asset. They are what sets us apart and they deliver solutions for every challenge.