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GeoGuidance’s Juggernaut series motors are the cutting edge of drilling motor technology. The bit mandrel, transmission couplings and all major torque carrying components have been redesigned and enlarged to handle increased the torque loads of our high performance power sections. Thrust and radial bearing capacity has been increased and a new, improved carbide coating provides extended life. The mandrel catch provides reduced bending stress concentration. A redesigned stator connection reduces cracked threads and provides protection from corrosive drilling fluids.

These improvements allow the Juggernaut motor to easily handle the most extreme drilling conditions while utilizing the increased torque from hard rubber power sections. This enables the maximum Rate Of Penetration (ROP) in Today’s market.

Juggernaut motors are available in sizes ranging from 4¾” to 11¼” diameters and in several configurations, adjustable bent housing, fixed bend housing, or straight housing.

Available in standard and high temperatures up to 392°F/200°C.

Titanium drive shafts available upon request.

GeoGuidance Drilling Services Juggernaut Series Mud Motors:

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001 Juggernuat HT 20201221 02
003 Juggernuat Titan 20200608 1540

Juggernaut drilling motors

Standard features:

  • Mud Lubricated Bearing Pack
  • High Strength Forged Alloy Steel Output Shaft
  • Bearing Housing with screw on stabilizer
  • Through hardened thrust bearing races
  • BlackWidow premium upper and lower radial bearings
  • Juggernaut Super jaw clutch drive couplings
  • Straight, fixed bend, or adjustable bent housing
  • Crossover sub (top sub)

Optional Features:

  • Float Bored top subs
  • Slick, integral blade, or welded blade stabilizers
  • Flex shaft drive coupling for straight or bent motor applications
  • Rotor catch
  • Flow bypass rotor nozzle


Straight, fixed bend, or adjustable bent housings. The Juggernaut series adjustable bent housings are infinitely adjustable from 0 – 3 degrees feature quick and easy angle adjustments, offer a large I.D. bore, a replaceable wear pad and non-torque dependent angle alignment, which ensures there is no “slipping” or misalignment of angle settings.

(4-degree adjustable bent housings are available upon request)

Juggernaut Transmission

Juggernaut jaw clutch flexible drive couplings feature a two-lobe design with hard metal weld on the contacting surfaces. These couplings are extremely strong, durable with extended life.

Juggernaut’s flex-shaft is a solid flexible rod, which can be substituted in place of the jaw clutch drive couplings for straight or bent motor applications up to 2 ¼ deg. These shafts come in various configurations and materials depending on the application.

BlackWidow Radial Bearings

BlackWidow radial bearings are extremely wear resistant and durable. They have proven themselves in the harshest drilling environments where other bearings have failed.

The BlackWidow radial bearing consist of Tungsten Carbide tiles bonded to a steel housing. The Tungsten Carbide tiles are arranged in a dense array to maximize carbide content and wear resistance. These tiles are surrounded by a high-quality carbide matrix material. This formulation makes the BlackWidow bearing approximately 92% Tungsten Carbide by volume providing superior wear resistance.

Power Sections

Juggernaut’s bearing and drive assemblies can be configured to any lobe/stage configuration from high speed, low torque 1/2’s up through the high torque low speed 9/10’s with “even walled” and “hard rubber” power sections.


Optimized for high torque and designed for increased reliability in high solids drilling applications.

Our elastomers are designed to provide greater reliability in high wear and higher temperature environments.



  • HPX is highly reinforced and has 25% higher stiffness than a conventional hard rubber. This results in up to 10 percent higher hole power output potential.


  • HPX is specially formulated to give you high hardness and stiffness but also have better wear resistance than other hard rubber formulas. In laboratory testing, HPX has shown to have 30% better wear resistance than a conventional hard rubber.


JUGGERNAUT-HPX Elastomer is designed to improve upon the properties of a conventional hard rubber by providing increased power output and reliability of the power section in high wear situations that occur in high-friction, high torque environments. Tear resistance, higher modulus, and elastomer reinforcement were targeted for areas of improvement. HPX yields higher reliability in severe environments of high sands, solids, and max parameter drilling.


  • Improved life in higher temp environments
  • Improved fluid resistance leading to less chunking incidents
  • Increased endurance at steady power demand
  • Capacity of rubber to survive repeated load cycle is increased
  • Tested extensively in both WBM and OBM to refine load bearing capability
  • 2x to 3x increase in life for heavily loaded steady state conditions

Top Sub

The top sub is available with a rotor catch, which prevents loss of the rotor and possibly the entire motor in the event of an outer connection failure and an optional float bore which eliminates the need to run an additional float sub above the motor.

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