GeoGuidance Services

Arc-Gyde EM MWD Systems ARC-GYDE™ uses Boregyde's CABLELESS™ through-the-earth telemetry, that eliminates the need for expensive and troublesome wirelines. The "connection" between the Down-Hole Sonde and the Surface Subsystem is by Electro-Magnetic (E-M) waves. This feature allows a Steering Tool to operate without a Wireline! 
It is comprised of the following:

  • A Down-Hole Subsystem consisting of the Instrumentation Sonde, Drill-String Antenna, and a Non-Magnetic Drill Collar.
  • A Surface Subsystem consisting of the Receiver-Processor, Notebook PC, and Safety Barrier Box.
  • Optional items include a Printer-Plotter, Remote Driller's Display, and other accessories.
  • MICROGYDE™ and/or TruTracker® (to provide enhanced accuracy).
  • Benchtree Mud Pulse MWD Systems The mPulse™ is a motor-driven pulser driver with the following features:

    • 175°C proven reliability
    • Piston compensation system (no need for bladder or bellows)
    • 50% fewer parts to yield a compact and ruggedized unit
    • Integrated gamma capability allows readings closer to drill-bit
    • Advanced performance memory and diagnostics
    • Advanced performance memory and diagnostics
    • Mud Motors-GeoDrill Mud Motors GeoGuidance GeoDrill Mud Motors are field proven, robust Mud lubricated Motors. The highest QA/QC standards are applied in engineering, design and manufacturing prior to being dispatched on the job. Motors can be designed and built to clients specific needs.

      GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc. manufactures and maintains all GeoDrill Mud Motors with sizes ranging from 4 ¾” to 9 5/8”. GeoGuidance Drilling has a full time QA/QC team overseeing the build to the post job analysis with complete reporting to complement our “Continuous Improvement” culture of all of our products and services.
      Well Planning GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc. has purchased and utilizes the Landmark COMPASS Well Planning Software for Well Planning, Anti-Collision, Travelling Cylinder, Spider Plot, Survey and Final Reports for all wells and projects. GeoGuidance currently has a full Well Planning Department in our Operations Headquarters. COMPASS includes user-friendly tools such as multiple 2D and 3D planning methods, torque/drag, cost and re-entry optimization, plotting, survey data analysis, and driller’s target target generation. COMPASS is deployed on the Engineer’s Data Model (EDM) enabling us to improve data consistency and reduce planning cycle times by sharing common data. Automatic updates and notifications ensure that all users are always aware when changes occur and engineering results are updated in real time.